Sunday, August 18, 2013

6 Things Learned from 6 Days on the High Seas

After a night of exploring the steppe and watching the sunset on
Ol'khon Island, our spirits were renewed and we were ready to spend
another 14 hours on the boats, continuing our journey southwest to
Bol'shie Koty.
After living on a ship for six days, we have learned a few things:
1. Lake Baikal can sometimes seem like an ocean with waves that can
soak you through if you stay too long on the bow.
2. Space is a precious commodity that should be shared.
3. While sleep is tempting, it's important to get outside and look
around at the beautiful scenery.
4. You never know when the electricity is going to go out. Constant vigilance!
5. The ship's motor is loud enough to compete with a metal concert.
6. Charades is even more fun when played on a boat.

We will post again when we reach Bol'shie Koty. Do svidaniya!
Laura and Ashley

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