Sunday, August 18, 2013

Full Steam Ahead!

Today we awoke once again at the northern tip of Ol'khon Island. We
headed out early this morning, travelling down the eastern side of the
island this time. Around 9 am, we passed by the deepest point of Lake
Baikal, 1642 meters (obviously, we could not see the bottom, though
some of us tried). We continued southward in some heavy
headwinds--Dramamine was the midmorning snack of choice.
Around lunchtime we arrived in the town of MRS (МРС: "Little-Sea
Fishing Station"). Everyone was quite happy to get off the boats and
head to the local grocery store for a restorative ice cream, soda, or
bar of chocolate. Our captains agreed that it would be best for us to
spend another night in this part of the lake, rather than continue the
fourteen-hour return trip to Bol'shie Koty in such heavy winds. We
have pulled into a small cove in Khul Bay on Ol'khon Island for this
unexpected, but by no means unpleasant, last night of our excursion.
The hope is that the winds will be calmer tomorrow, and that tomorrow
night we shall be back in Bol'shie Koty, reunited with our friends
from the NSF team and our beds in at the Biostation.
Photos above: our tiny boats in the vast steppe before nightfall, and
Prof. Hodge sending this blog post from atop the highest point within
walking distance of the boats...

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