Monday, August 12, 2013

Meeting Mike Tyson and Ada Ivanovna

The focus of today has been writing up scientific papers using the
data we've spent the last few days collecting. We've broken into three
groups and are all looking at slightly different hypotheses, telling
slightly different stories with our data. But, we have had a couple of
awesome breaks. First, in the afternoon, we visited Ada Ivanovna, the
mother of our cutter captain Sergei Veshchev. She has lived in
Bol'shie Koty since 1952 and is living an incredibly self-sufficient
Siberian life. She showed us wonderful Russian hospitality, treating
us to tea and home-made black currant and whortleberry and apple jams.
We got to tour her home and extensive garden. We also met her
10-year-old great granddaughter Anya, who was very outgoing with us
and showed off her entrepreneurial skills -- we think she should be a
Wellesley student when she gets older! When asked if she had driven
the 250-kilo ATV in the backyard garage, she offhandedly quipped "All
the time! I drive everything." Our second delight of the day was
getting up close and personal with a mysterious Nerpa that played with
people along the shore. Several members of the group got lucky and got
to pet and feed the Nerpa. The Nerpa was named Tyson, for Mike Tyson,
we were told.
Last night, we had a rousing game of Telephone-Pictionary going, but
sadly tonight it looks like we'll be hard at work on our papers. It's
quite strained with only three computers!
Graeme & Kate
Yay :)

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