Friday, August 9, 2013

Gearing up for major hypothesis-testing

Today was a planning and organization day; we spent our morning and
afternoon figuring out methods to test our hypothesis that docks on
Baikal have a significant effect on biodiversity in the lake. For some
of us, this meant taking pictures underwater in the freezing water
(which the hardiest of us later swam in). Graeme, Ashley, and Kendall
created their own water sampling equipment out of an abandoned liquor
bottle, a large rock, and lots of duct tape.
Tomorrow we'll be using our new methods to finally do some thorough
fieldwork, but tonight we're splitting up to either watch a Hitchcock
film or play volleyball with some University of Irkutsk geology
students who're completing month-long practicums in Bol'shie Koty.
Victoria & Kendall

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