Sunday, August 11, 2013

One day more

We spent today collecting the last of our samples and quantifying the
biodiversity around the docks of the Lake. Professor Hodge, Kendall,
and Professor Rodenhouse risked their lives venturing out in the lake
in a metal washbasin to take some last measurements. Victoria, Lily,
Diana, and Graeme strained their eyes counting zooplankton under the
microscopes to the soundtrack of Les Miserables (most relevantly, the
lyrics "look down, look down"), while Xena scoured the scientific
literature for relevant data. Lily and Victoria are still imprisoned
in the lab counting the last of the zooplankton.
Australian, Austrian, and Spanish tourists just off the hydrofoil were
very interested in the work of our benthos collectors (Meg, Laura,
Gabi, Kate, and Ashley). The tourists eagerly snapped photos of the
gammarid samples and asked questions about our research before heading
off to the controversial hotel recently built directly on the lake on
national park land. It is exciting to know that our work is
internationally attractive. We have been having a fantastic time doing
so much science by day, and soaking in the culture by night. We are
making great friends across languages and through sports -- each night
we play soccer or volleyball on the dirt court in the middle of the
village. Tomorrow will be a day of data analysis and scientific
Lily and Graeme

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