Friday, August 2, 2013

Today we rode a hydrofoil from Irkutsk to Bol'shie Koty. The
two-hour ride was very smooth and quite pleasant — many of us went
outside on the top of the boat to admire the sights along the Angara
and the northwestern coast of Lake Baikal.
The bio station at Bol'shie Koty, and our dormitories, are very
close to the shore so we were able to walk straight from the docks to
our respective rooms to unpack. Once we were situated we had lunch.
Originally, we had planned to visit the onsite museum, but
instead we took an impromptu tour around the village and hiked to the
top of "Grebeshok" ("The Comb"), a cliff to the north of town. From
there, we got a top view of the entire village.
We are very much looking forward to visiting the museum and getting a
closer look at the bio station tomorrow.
Kendall and Xena

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